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EAGLE RESCUE SUCCESS!!! Little Baby Eaglet saved

It was a wonderful & very successful day on Thursday May 19th 2011. With help and efforts from many involved we helped save the little baby ealget from the fishing line in North Saanich BC. VIDEO1 click here - Video2 click here - Times Colonist click here

I, Derek Rathwell, the president of DrainScope had offered our services and most importantly the drainage mats to help the crane truck get into position. I watched a local news cast the night before and heard David Hancock mention the hard to reach area. Since we (DRAINSCOPE) specializes in wet areas doing drainage repairs and installations during very wet times we knew our specialty protection ground mats from AlturnaMats.com would do the trick. Mat Video

I contacted David Hancock and the Wildlife foundation via email after the 11:00 local news broadcast and offered our man power and our ground mats. The David Hancock Wildlife foundation contacted us very early thursday morning and said "we are on our way" so DrainScope went into action with our crews loading the mats to heading out to the rescue site.

We, DrainScope, are overwhelmed with the response from around the world today thanking us..i have to say that is was a combined effort of many people that made this work.

We (DRAINSCOPE) Derek Rathwell, Colin Sims, Don Strickland & Chrispen Sims are very proud to have supported such a great cause and also such a great foundation - Also thanks to Victoria Drains for helping bring in the large mats, and especially the 2 employees Cary Zomer & Stephan Murphey, without them we could not have pulled this off. To Lyle & Matthew of LB Cranes and David Saunders, Mayor of Colwood for helping arrange and move the mats.

Just a few emails:

- To all at DrainScope involved in the rescue of eaglet Flyer at Sydney nest, a very big THANK YOU for your time, assistance & generosity. You helped make a lot of people very happy today, not to mention one small eaglet!
I hope you heard the thunderous applause from around the World following the successful outcome?? Well done, guys!!
With all thanks. Alicia - France

- Your quick thinking and immediate offer to help are impressive--I wish I lived up there so I could hire you to do work for me! You are quite a man and I'll bet anything that your business reflects your terrific human values. Thank you for all of the materials you provided and all of the manpower you also supplied! What a generous soul you are. Please pass along my gratitude to your employees.

- To Derek and all the DrainScope employees ... a great big THANK YOU for all that you did to rescue Flyer yesterday. Responding with compassion and then with consummate expertise and efficiency, you guys were essential to the success of the mission. You brought joy not only to the Sid nest and family but also to thousands upon thousands of people around the world. You made it once again feel great to be a human.
Bravo from Ottawa!

- Thank You doesn't seem to be enough, but THANK YOU for a great rescue of Flyer. Its great to know that there still are wonderful
people in this crazy world who care. Thank You again! Eagle watcher from Ohio

- To Derek Rathwell and all your employees who involved in the rescue of our Sidney eaglet Flyer: My heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you. Derek, without your quick thinking this mission would never be complete. You, not only supplied your own mats, but contacted your own competition to do the same. What a big heart you have. Sidney eagles have a very large extended family around the world and hope you realize how much joy you have brought to each and everyone of them. I live in Victoria and I know whom I should contact when I run into drainage problem. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sidney Eagle Watcher from Victoria

- Dear Mr. Rathwell and all who were involved,I just wanted to add my kudos to the thousands of emails you have been receiving, I am sure, about how truly grateful I am that you stepped up to the plate in the rescue efforts of Flyer the eaglet at the Sidney nest.I watched it live from beginning to end and was thrilled that so many people took this problem into their hearts and volunteered. You are to be commended and you must feel really wonderful at the outcome.

- Thankyou for extending your valuable mats to the eagle rescue.
I wish I were on the Island with a drainage problem, I would love to help increase your business. One small victory for wildlife due to your generousity again, thank you very much I hope you are all uplifted & energized by your participation in the rescue.
great luck to you and both your company & employees

- Not only do you rescue homeowners, but eaglets too!
I saw you tonight on CTV and was proud to say Hey I know him!

- After reading about the eaglet rescue I just wanted to say thank you for your efforts and charity - nice to see that people have a heart!

- I just had to write to express my gratitude and delight at the part your company took in the rescue of the eaglet on the Sidney nest. I watched it live along with hundreds (maybe thousands) of others. In a time of so much bad news it was so great to see you come together with the team of people who made this happen. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are all heroes!!

Thank you to the 1000's of poeple that sent email, my team is very honored to have helped and offered our support.


Link: SUCCESS story

Quote: "Thanks Derek Rathwell of Drainscope, who not only provided the first mats, but who asked his own competition, Victoria Drain, to provide even more mats -- and the incredibly hard working crews who kept transferring the mats from back to front as the vehicle moved across the soft ground. Thanks guys. But the mat contribution had an interesting international twist. The plastic mats are very expensive -- and do have weight bearing limits. Would the 65 tonne crane damage them? Derek called the Pennsylvania manufacturer, described the eagle rescue, the heavy crane, the damp bog and pondered the risks to breaking his expensive mats. The owner of mat manufacturing company immediately said, "If this is helping our National Bird I will guarantee the risk." -- and the incredible mats arrived and held up the crane truck."

to view the live Eagle Cam click the image below - and please help support the David Hancock Wildlife Foundation.

Watch LIVE Eagle Cams!


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